Letter To The Editor: Concerned And Royally Bummed Out Townsperson About Noticeable Western Area Bug Decline

Los Alamos

As a longtime resident of the Western Area, I’m just as good a guy as any to ask about the bug abundance in the neighborhood.

I’ve consistently, for years explored the neighborhood’s many public walkways and its secluded, almost plaza-style park. Fifteen years ago, the area was inundated with a great variety of insects, arachnids and pulmonate molluscs.

At a point, I began to notice a sharp decline in both cool and colorful bugs. These are always the first to go. Next, with less of these distinctive bugs to distract me, I established that the amount of large bugs was dropping as well.

You can imagine that the absence of cool and colorful, let alone large bugs, weighs heavily on the denizens of this neighborhood.

I am not demanding action, only understanding that these bugs have flown away.

Briclaus Plaff, concerned and royally bummed out townsperson.