Letter To The Editor: Concern With Veterans Administration Looking To Cut Emergency Medical Services Reimbursement Rates

Los Alamos

As a veteran, one of the biggest priorities in my life is ensuring that I am prepared for emergencies, whether it be financial, environmental, or medical. I’m sure many other veterans are the same thanks to the training we had while in the service.

So it’s concerning to read about the Veterans Administration looking to implement a rule that cuts reimbursement rates on emergency medical services like ground and air ambulance services.

The VA has tried to make cuts on New Mexico before by attempting to shutter clinics in some of the rural areas of our state. Luckily, they were unsuccessful thanks to Senators Heinrich and Lujan stepping in. I hope they step up again on this issue, because the veteran community cannot be left paying extreme costs for ambulances or worse yet, not having an ambulance available in their area.

Our senators should work with the VA to delay this rule or modify it so New Mexico veterans are protected when they need it.

Thank you.


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