Letter To The Editor: Comparison Between Nazi Germany Policies And Abortion Is Offensive

Los Alamos

The comparison made between Nazi Germany policies and abortion (click here and here) is seriously flawed and is offensive to anyone who survived the Holocaust, or who has relatives or friends who did not.

The key difference is that no government agency is forcing anyone to obtain an abortion, in contrast to Nazi Germany, where the elected government forcibly relocated people to concentration camps, only to kill them in a variety of imaginative and horrible ways.

You may not like individuals choosing abortion as a means of dealing with their pregnancies, but no one in our government, or in any private organization requires them to do so. This is what “choice” means.

In addition, the quote attributed to Margaret Sanger in this letter has been debunked (click here) but even if true, it doesn’t matter what Margaret Sanger thought or said back in 1939, it matters how Planned Parenthood acts now in support of women’s health, including information regarding contraception, breast exams, and yes, safe methods of abortion in a timely manner.


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