Letter to the Editor: Charter Amendments Clarify and Unify the Process

By Kyle Wheeler
Los Alamos

The charter amendments on the ballot group the various processes for initiative, referendum, recall, and future charter amendments into more sensible groupings within the charter, so if you want to start a petition to recall an elected official or start some other petition, and these amendments pass, the process for how you do it will be spelled out more clearly within the charter.

The amendments clarify and unify the process. Even Rob Pelak agreed at a recent League of Women Voters Forum that the way the Charter Review Committee grouped the items makes sense.

His objection to the amendments was that the CRC shortened the time frame for collecting signature from 180 days (HALF A YEAR!) to 90 days, in line with what Santa Fe and Albuquerque do.

Also, the number of signatures was increased.

My view is that if you have a good reason to circulate a petition, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting the required number of signatures in 90 days.

If you allow 180 days (HALF A YEAR!) and fewer signatures, people can use these “tools” as a way to obstruct progress in a community.

I am a member of the CRC, and even though I was not part of the subcommittee that worked on this part of the charter, I fully support their recommendations.

As a former councilor and long-time resident with an appreciation for what government and private citizens can do to move a community forward or obstruct progress, I urge you to vote FOR the four charter amendments.




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