Letter To The Editor: Character Attack Requires Rejection

A Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

Mr. Antos,

I had intended to put the dispute incited by your letter to rest, but your last character attack requires rejection.

I think my reply to you stands on its own – it invites civil discourse and is not spineless. Unfortunately your reply to my anonymous letter reflects exactly the reason why I am not publishing my name. Unlike you, I do not have the privilege of being the descendant of an immigrant (I guess you are the better immigrant), I am an immigrant myself. Language like yours and language used by the present administration normalizes character attacks, hate speech and bullying. I honestly do not feel safe to use my name while challenging behavior of people who are finding this acceptable – and who are not willing to look beyond their anger.

Being an American citizen myself, I will continue to challenge my local, state and federal representatives (in writing and face to face) to work on bipartisan solutions for all Americans and to oppose such behavior. I will also continue anonymously to challenge inappropriate behavior published in our local press, until I feel safe again to show my face. Be assured you already helped improve this country, as you have created another activist who will do more than just call out bullying behavior like yours. I will actively work in politics for a return to a more civil America. See you in town 😉