Letter to the Editor: Catch and Release … Fine, If You Are Going Fishing

Los Alamos

In a recent letter, Tina Andres indicates she will vote to retain Judge Sheri Raphaelson on the 1st Judicial District. Ms. Andres also referred to my “Catch and Release” editorial a few months back referring, of course, to Judge Raphaelson’s decisions in the matter of a local case that repeatedly came before her, first at trial and later because of a probation violation.

Readers should be aware that criticism of Judge Raphaelson’s performance on the bench go beyond those offered by citizens of Los Alamos who were impacted by a single case. As reported in both the New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal, Judge Raphaelson was one of only two of 85 judges to earn the “do not retain” recommendation from the New Mexico Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission.

That evaluation is online at this URL http://www.nmjpec.org/en/judge-evaluation?election_id=204&year=2014.