Letter To The Editor: Cannabis Is Coming To Town

Los Alamos

Howdy Los Alamos!

My name is Jonathan LeDuc. I started a new Los Alamos based cannabis business, Wheeed LLC, to bring a next level cannabis experience to Los Alamos!

I have been a Los Alamos resident since 1993, a medical cannabis user since 2013, and I have held a  personal production (grow) license since 2014. I have produced my own medicine (cannabis)  successfully for a number of years both indoors and outdoors.

For the majority of my working career, I have worked for small businesses in Los Alamos. For the last 9+ months I have been working in Santa Fe in the medical cannabis industry. There are currently no  cannabis dispensaries in Los Alamos.

As of Oct. 31, 2021 there are 582 medical cannabis patients in Los Alamos County and additional clientele will emerge as NM recreational cannabis comes on line in April 2022. Patients currently travel to neighboring communities – Espanola, Santa Fe, etc. for  cannabis products and services. Wheeed, LLC will serve these needs within Los Alamos.

Wheeed, LLC has obtained the FEIN, NM GRT and a county business license. Wheeed, LLC has also  been granted the ability to obtain a provisional license from the state, with the ability to grow 800 plants, as well as a dispensary and courier services.

We are working to secure a commercial property for our grow operation and we are exploring potential  retail sites and just participated in the Los Alamos MainStreet / Chamber of Commerce business  accelerator program. We have been selected to move on to Phase 2, which will include a retail pop-up  location. Come check us out soon!

Cannabis is coming to Los Alamos, and Wheeed, LLC will make it local. If you are interested about  cannabis in Los Alamos, please do not hesitate to contact me: Wheeed.la@gmail.com.