Letter To The Editor: Blurred Lines


Los Alamos


During my service in the Army and after multiple combat tours one of the realities that has stuck with me the most was our country’s utmost care for life.


I have held the hands of soldiers as they passed away because they chose to take their convoys across known roads with IED’s as opposed to driving through a town and potentially causing collateral damage.  Soldiers would also load our wounded enemies into the same medical evacuations as our own soldiers and allow them treatment from the most excellent surgeons as if they were our own. This truth stands in stark contrast to our enemies and are memories I’m very proud to have experienced.


This is the DNA of America, we care for life. We treat all people with equality despite your race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. We put our own lives in danger to protect others and find that there are so many of us willing to sacrifice our own lives to ensure others survive.


Yesterday we learned something I hope would disturb even the most outspoken advocate for abortion. A doctor and director at the highest levels of Planned Parenthood happens to be in the business of selling organs of aborted fetuses – discussing such over wine and a salad while going into detail of customizing the method of the abortion to protect the desired organs (full footage of this can be found at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H4UjIM9B9KQ).


My exact stance on the abortion I’ll leave to myself, but I hope we would agree this story and the practices it exposes has no place in a civilized society. Five hundred million dollars of tax payer dollars goes to an organization that has promoted someone so degenerate to such high level director position? I’m honestly sick to my stomach that my country, in all the great things we have accomplished in history, have allowed this to happen.Of course the practice of selling organs is illegal, but I guess time will tell if anyone is held accountable or if our value of life slips further into the dark.


I know this is not a normal story discussed on the Los Alamos Daily Post and I am grateful it was allowed to be published. I am not intending to offend anyone, but I feel strongly if stories like this are allowed to be ignored along with ignoring the consequences of degrading life in such a way, we are doomed to repeat some very scary history.





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