Letter To The Editor: Better Tennis Court Approach

Los Alamos

I have to agree with Saturday’s letter regarding placing more tennis courts at Urban. Although the four additional courts will fit there, if one of the goals of adding these courts is to have tournaments held in Los Alamos, the parking issue becomes a serious one. There is just no room to accommodate the school buses and cars that such a tournament would likely attract.

A better approach would be to add these additional courts to the ones already located behind UNM-LA. This location is close to the high school, and parking is already available.

In addition, serious consideration should be given to putting a roof over these courts, even if it is only a canopy like we have at Ashley Pond. I believe that practices for the high school tennis team start in February, and snow, ice and rain make it extremely difficult or impossible for these kids to get in enough practice time to get ready for the start of competition. A couple or four indoor courts would be a boon to everyone interested in playing tennis the year round.