Letter To The Editor: Beloved Betrayed – You Are Loved

By Los Alamos Citizen

In response to the letter in the Feb. 4 Los Alamos Daily Post, Beloved Betrayed, I should have written this letter way back in February when the original letter was published.

The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good “men” to do nothing. I think someone famous said that.

Betrayed you were taught lies by our society in many ways that you are just a lump of cells accidently put together. You have been betrayed by society. You’re not animals without purpose. You are precious. Many of the adults involved in your lives were likely taught the same lie, or worse, like me they were silent with the truth.

Beloved Betrayed, you have been betrayed by society’s lies. Boys you deserve to be raised to be powerful men of God. Not animals or politically correct wimps. Girls you deserve to be cherished for the precious gifts you can give. Not animals to be pushed around or visual candy for others depravity.

Beloved Betrayed, you were not an accident or an animal as many are trying to convince you. Perhaps you never knew. You deserve to be cherished and respected by others so that you too can cherish and respect.

Beloved Betrayed, you are created in love with a beautiful purpose. You are created with God’s plan already offered for you to choose. The closer you follow God’s plan the better your life will be.

My Beloved, you are loved in pure love. You have purpose given to you by God, even if you don’t know Him. None of us are perfect. All of us try and fail. It’s OK, get up and try again. This time hold your head up knowing that you are endowed by your creator with love and a good purpose.