Letter to the Editor: Atomic City Transit Cuts Some White Rock Service

White Rock

Los Alamos County’s Transportation Division sponsors Atomic City Transit to serve the residents of our County.

On May 24, ACT modified its schedule and services, and the announcement included the statement “White Rock service will be enhanced … [and lists new routes].” LINK http://www.losalamosnm.us/transit/Documents/ACT_ScheduleChanges_EffectiveMay24.pdf

Discontinuing service to ~1/3 of White Rock homes does not constitute a service enhancement to those of us who live in the La Senda and Pajarito Acres neighborhoods. Compounding our aggravation, ACT discontinued this service the last week of school—right before our young citizens need the service most for their summer transportation.

ACT’s ridership report shows that White Rock participation grows 25 percent from May to June; deleting services should wait until Fall to minimize impact on our youth.

If we must modify service in this manner, I recommend ACT rotate the neighborhoods for impact; perhaps next summer, Barranca Mesa could lose their public transportation.





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