Letter To The Editor: America Desperately Needs To Remove Establishment Politicians

Los Alamos
Americans have complained bitterly about career politicians for decades: Politicians lose touch with everyday Americans. Politicians who are proven corrupt receive little or no consequence. Politicians spend more time fundraising for themselves than doing their job. Politicians are driving our country into financial ruin. The political establishment is killing our country, and more importantly, they do not care about you at all! They care about their power!
But this election is different! We have a GENUINE outsider who is brawling against the political establishment who has created this mess. We have an opportunity to take the first step in tearing down the political establishment. And of course, the political establishment will have nothing of it! They are out to destroy him, and in the process, our country, all to hold on to their power. Holding on to their power comes before all else. Before God, before the Constitution, before the rule of law, and, before common sense.
It’s time to TRULY take the first step in a long battle to come to take our country back. You can vote for the establishment politician and keep complaining for the next several decades, or you can vote for Trump. I am voting for Trump. Fight back, America! Fight back!

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