Letter To The Editor: Amazon Should Collect NM Taxes

Los Alamos
In the third quarter of 2015, Amazon sold $25 billion. I have no way of knowing how much of these goods went to New Mexico households. But, I do know that no New  Mexico taxes were paid on them.
I know that local businesses suffered a loss of revenue that could have been spent locally and passed on to New Mexico folks, and that New Mexico citizens suffered a loss of government services because of that loss of revenue. I know that the more local businesses disappear because of this unfair competition, the higher people will pay for the same services, and the more the one percent will be enriched at the expense of the rest of us.
This is a call for a conversation on fixing this problem. If the public will were aroused, it would be possible to make Amazon and any other company selling through the mail to New Mexico liable for paying its fair share of taxes. 
I will support my local businesses whenever I can. And, I will shop online at places that treat their employees more fairly than Amazon. When I can’t shop locally, and when I can find the product. (AbeBooks and ExLibris for books, for example.) But, I’m asking for us to be aware of our part in this massive corporate welfare gift and to ask our representatives in government to help us fix this gigantic revenue loss.