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Los Alamos

Here’s a little bit of a different perspective to “not supporting the mil-levy tax.”

The gentleman writes: “Shame on us for not supporting higher education.” I support higher education; however, do not believe that I should be paying a governed tax to do so. The university is not a “non-profit” entity. It’s a business, just the same as the business I own and operate – and at times struggle to continue operating. 

The small businesses in Los Alamos struggle quite a bit more here, to provide a service or goods. It’s just a fact that it’s more expensive to be in business here than many other places.

I give what I can to many of the “non-profit” services in town that help folks. They’re truly “squeaking by” many times, and made up of many volunteers as well. 

There’s been many a day in my 11 years in business here in Los Alamos when I just barely got by and remained in business by cutting a little bit here and there … being as resourceful as possible … days when the loyalty and dedication to my clients pushed me onward. I just had to figure out how to make it work. 

It’s a fine line asking us to dole out more mandated taxes, to pay for a “for profit” business, which is what a university is. Should there also be a tax to support other businesses in Los Alamos that offer equally important goods and services? It’s just a little different perspective.