Letter To The Editor: Admiration And Respect For House Dist. 43 Candidate Christine Chandler

Los Alamos
It is with great admiration and respect that we endorse Christine Chandler as our State Representative for District 43.
We’ve found Chris to be not only extremely knowledgeable in legislative matters at the County, State and Federal levels, but also caring and balanced in her dialogue with others who may not share the same point of view. She is a skilled listener who asks questions, lots of them, to fully understand issues. She is laser-focused, sifting through information to arrive at the facts and get to the heart of issues. She is experienced—that alone should be enough to send her to the Roundhouse.
Experienced with the Lab and one who fully understands our complicated, symbiotic relationship with it. Experienced as a County Councilor and what it means to be a representative of a community. Experienced with our legislature having worked multiple sessions as a legislative analyst. And she knows first hand about the challenges our small business and non-profits face in northern New Mexico.
We’ve really got the full package in Christine Chandler. Let’s make the smart choice.