Letter To The Editor: About Romero’s RCLC Comments

El Rancho
In response to the recent LA Daily Post story titled “Romero Discusses Intent and Purpose of RCLC”, dated Aug. 19, 2018, I would like for you to share with your readers that Ms. Romero did not accurately state the facts during her interview with the LA Daily Post.
Dec. 8, 2017, I submitted the IPRA request to the Los Alamos County Records Custodian, Barb Ricci, representing myself only. This may be confirmed by contacting Ms. Ricci. Second, based on the records I received from my IPRA request, I brought my findings to the Board of Directors of NNMPLWR in the form of a letter questioning possible improper reimbursements made by the RCLC. On Feb. 15, this letter was signed by the Board of Officers of NNMProtects and electronically sent to the RCLC. Since then, this letter has instigated three separate audits that have substantiated many of the statements/findings in the letter.
In your story, Ms. Romero stated “In a response to a question about her request to Coalition board members that they consider lodging a formal request to Los Alamos National Laboratory to investigate whether Beverly Duran-Cash, president of Northern New Mexico Protects and Heather Nordquist, her opponent now in the House Dist. 46 race and a former officer of NNMP (both employees of LANL), Romero said she had been advised to do so because of the “aggression” of those who had asked for records under the Inspection of Public Records Act, in particular Duran-Cash and Nordquist, to protect the board and herself as executive director.”
As noted above, the IPRA dated Dec. 8, 2017 was sent by myself and not Ms. Duran-Cash or Ms. Nordquist. I truly do not understand where and how Ms. Romero would get advice to have these two LANL employees, namely Ms. Duran-Cash and Ms. Nordquist, be investigated as neither of them played any role in the execution of the IPRA dated Dec. 8, 2017 or the preparation of the documents based on this IPRA.

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