Letter To The Editor: About Boutique Air

Los Alamos

My wife and I travel frequently from Los Alamos to other US cities and to Europe – up to 10 trips a year. We had used the previous LA to ABQ air service, though the timing of the flights relative to continuation flights out of ABQ was seldom workable.

With Boutique we never even got to the point of checking the flight timing: Boutique was not willing to guarantee that any bag larger than a briefcase would be carried, so using them for our vacation flights was out of the question. I know of one other retired couple who encountered the same dumb restriction.

I’m sure that Lab employees were the primary business target of Boutique Air and LA County, but even Lab employees may need to take a suitcase or two on business trips. And schedule match-ups do matter to anyone traveling further than Albuquerque.

It seems to me that neither the airline nor the County did their homework in setting up the Boutique contract. At a rate of $550,000/year, certainly the taxpayers once again are the losers. I wonder if the powers-that-be will have learned anything from this continued failure.