Letter To The Editor: A Vote For HB33 Does Not Increase Taxes

By KURT STEINHAUS, Superintendent
Los Alamos Public Schools

The January 2016 Special Election provides an opportunity to support students and teachers in Los Alamos.

A vote for the HB33 Mill Levy does not increase taxes and will help fund classroom computers, equipment for physical education and music programs, activity busses,  heating and cooling systems, and even roof repairs. The HB33 funding also pays for preventative building maintenance that, in the long run, saves money for our schools. 

Yes, it is all about our students and teachers. Imagine a school-age student who you know. In that student’s classroom, computers are essential for homework, conducting surveys, editing, using an interactive periodic table, designing experiments, graphing data, or even taking virtual tours to see art in remote locations around the globe. 

A music classroom with computers provides opportunities to compose songs, perform, and learn how today’s studios really work. Using powerful software to write poems, essays, and research reports are skills that our students are required to know and be able to do as part of becoming successful in life. 

Computer labs have even become a standard part of learning another language. For teachers, computers are essential for communicating with parents, sharing student feedback, and providing advanced learning opportunities. 

Support for the HB33 Mill Levy is important and greatly appreciated. Please remember to sign the outer envelope of your ballot and return it to the County Clerk via the mail with a first class stamp or in person by 7 p.m., Jan. 26 at 1000 Central Ave., Suite 240. Thank you!