Letter To The Editor: A Tribute To Pastor Granillo

Los Alamos
I was profoundly touched by Pastor Granillo’s column, “The Love of Hate” (link), and I wanted to share this:
After a cruel, devastating blow during this past Christmas, I was overwhelming consumed with many of the emotions that the Pastor described in his column. As a life-long Christian, I was embarrassed and ashamed of what I had become. How could I allow this one, evil person to change me so profoundly?
My first reaction to this true evil was revenge, which made me even more angry. I then came upon the column from Pastor Granillo, and I have to say, it changed my entire outlook about what I had been put through recently. 
So much so, I printed out the portion of the column that refers to what the bible says about allowing God to avenge. Don’t repay evil, with evil. Take pity on your enemy and let God handle it. It is taped to my desk at work and I read it every day. Sometimes, several times a day.
I want to thank Pastor Granillo for this column as it came to me when I truly needed to be reminded of who I really am. A Christian!
I suggest to any of you who are hurting and angry because of an evil act or person to read this column. Truly listen to what the Pastor is saying and believe you, too will be avenged.