Letter To The Editor: A Positive Experience

Movie production underway Wednesday on Rover Boulevard. Photo by Terry Foxx
Los Alamos

I am probably like many of you and wondered why New Mexico would support the film industry by giving them a rebate. I had an opportunity to find out recently when the No Exit Films requested to use our house to film scenes for “Granite Mountain.” Why they chose our house I don’t know and I must say I was a little hesitant at first. However, the Location Manager explained the process and we consented.

The process took three days to set up, shoot, and take down. Everyone whom I interacted with was pleasant, professional, and courteous. They did nothing without our permission. They laid down mats to protect our floors and took pictures so they could put items back as before. But beyond that each person, director to workers, expressed thanks for letting them film at our house. They were gracious and respectful.

When the film crew arrived I was astonished at the number of people it took. They filled our garage, our yard, our house, and our patio. I asked where people were from and they told me Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, the Valley etc. I realized that these productions employ many people–artists, writers, directors, actors, extras (even had a dog extra), cooks, drivers, carpenters, electricians and many more. I have often thought of film making as fluff, but through this experience, I realized it is important to many families in a job poor State.

I know for some it was probably an annoyance because they closed Rover at both entrances of Kimberly and detoured people around for many hours. For others who watched from across the street it added excitement in our otherwise quiet community.

Life often offers us interesting experiences we would not expect; this certainly has been one for us. Thank you crew of Granite Mountain and to our County film Liaison for an interesting, somewhat chaotic, and positive experience. We hope your movie helps us all understand firefighting and life better.