Leonard And Buck Tie In Weekly Pace Race

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
ACRR News:

Diego Leonard, 9, and Sydney Buck, 12, tied for best prediction at 6 seconds off their predicted time in the Atomic City Road Runners weekly pace race Tuesday on Arizona Avenue and the Perimeter Trail area.

Other accurate predictors were: Aaron Jackson at a 12 second differential; Leeza Trudolyubov, 7, 15 seconds off; Laura McClellan with a 20 second difference; and Logan Nolan, 9, at 27 seconds off.

Levi Gibson, 8, was the top finisher in the 1 mile distance with a time of 7:42 and Libby Nolen, 12, was the first female at 9:01.

On the 3 mile course Travis Gibson was the best finisher recording a 22:53 and Lynn Bjorklund finished first in the female category with a time of 29:34.

Next week’s race is 6 p.m., Tuesday in the Quemazon Development starting at the Quemazon Montessori School on Esperanza, which is the first right at the first intersection after turning into the the Quemazon Development off North Road. 1 and 3.2 mile distances will be available.

For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit www.atomicrunners.com.