Learn How To Live Allergy Free At Seminar Dec. 20

AllerPops founder Cliff Han hosts a seminiar on alleviating allergies Dec. 20 at projectY. Courtesy photo
Are your allergies making you miserable? Cliff Han, PhD, will offer a seminar 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 20, in projectY, where allergy sufferers will learn how to gain control over their allergies, improve their overall health and enjoy life more.
Han is the inventor of AllerPops, a prebiotic lollipop that gives lasting allergy relief. People who have tried it are thrilled with the results, because after only one treatment they no longer have to take allergy pills, get shots or suffer through the allergy season, Han said. 
During this seminar, Han will explain the theory that led to the development of AllerPops, which he calls the Theory of Negative Triggers.
When Han’s 1-year-old son got allergies, he embarked on a mission to find the underlying reason people get allergies. That way he could create a remedy that actually solves the problem rather than just cover it up, he said. 
Han said when he got allergies, too, in 2014 he found the opportunity to find the answers he was looking for. He started studying himself, and soon unlocked the unexpected secret to allergies. From that research he developed his Theory of Negative Triggers (TNT) that led to the development of AllerPops. With AllerPops, Han’s family finally got relief from their allergy symptoms.  
To register for the seminar, go to https://knozejr.com/product/allergy-free-life/