League Of Women Voters Of New Mexico Decries Practice Of Wrenching Children From Parents … Admonishes Politicians Who Remain Silent


The League of Women Voters of New Mexico decries the practice of wrenching children from their parents, cutting off contact, and holding the parents in inhumane conditions or deporting them without their children.  

Is this what America stands for today – ripping kids from parents who are guilty only of fleeing violence in their homeland? Is it not traumatic enough just to make the perilous journey? Shame on the politicians who remain silent. Aside from being condemned internationally, our collective conscience is repulsed by these actions.

We call for an immediate end to this inhumane practice and for congressional action on real immigration reform. It is past time to examine the policies that have led to this crisis and to fix them. Those who are committed to true reform of our broken immigration system must speak up for decent policies, loud and clear.


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