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jv Uo Leadership Los Alamos Inaugural Focus Session ‘Reflective Leadership’ Delivers Success

Leadership Los Alamos Inaugural Focus Session ‘Reflective Leadership’ Delivers Success

From left, Speaker Phil Bryson, Leadership Los Alamos Board Chair Brian D’Andrea and Speaker Dr. John Bedker gather Jan. 17 for the organization’s first Focus Group at UNM-LA. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

LLA Board members, program class participants and alumni gather at UNM-LA for the first Focus Group hosted by the organization. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

LLA News:

Leadership Los Alamos (LLA) held its first Focus Session Jan. 17 at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos.

The highly successful inaugural Focus Session on “Reflective Leadership” was made possible through the generous support of Los Alamos National Bank (LANB), Los Alamos County, TechSource, Inc., and UNM-LA.

The Focus Session started with a reception to meet the speakers and have some time to catch up with LLA alumni and others while enjoying a buffet from the local Pig and Fig Bakery and Café.

Keynote presentations were delivered, structured to first present an academic and education aspect of leadership and then leadership application.

Following the session, the speakers were available to all for follow up discussions.

The intent of this and upcoming Focus Sessions is to offer on-going opportunities for current program participants, alumni and members of the public to engage in a continuum of leadership learning and to be connected.

The goals of each session are to connect past and present LLA participants in meaningful learning-based conversations as well as to provide regular opportunities for all participants to learn from experts in the leadership field how to incorporate innovative and time proven leadership techniques into their daily lives.

This first Focus Session addressed the topic of “Reflective Leadership”, which is the practice of leading one’s life with presence (to be aware and attentive to experiences with people) and personal mastery (continuous improvement guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself).

Dr. John Bedker presented an in-depth explanation of “Reflective Leadership” and Bloom’s Taxonomy, a structure to reflect on one’s personal leadership styles through six activities:

  • Remembering – Remember the facts, ideas, the sequence of events;
  • Understanding – Address what really happened, not what you wanted to happen;
  • Apply – Execute now with better understand;
  • Analyze – Consider the identity and culture of the individual and group relationships;
  • Evaluate – Make sense and meaning of where your reflective practice has taken you; and
  • Create – Having a good idea is worthless. Making a good idea happen is priceless.

Phil Bryson, the LLA orientation and graduation session facilitator and instructor, then provided a connection to the LLA content of “Servant Leadership” and how to apply reflection. The audience had an opportunity to reflect and discuss this with other attendees. All in attendance and were tasked to consider first carrying on their “Reflective Leadership” by journaling to highlight their achievements and to identify areas and processes for improvement.

LLA was pleased with the turn out and received very positive comments on the evening activities and the content of the presentations.

About the Keynote Speakers:

John Bedker’s professional life has been all about leadership – it is his passion. He is an internationally recognized leadership expert who for the past three decades has provided leadership and management consulting services to corporations, government agencies, and academia focusing on optimizing organizational and personal performance of both labor and management teams. Bedker the unique distinction of being fully certified to provide education and training to all departments of the U.S. Government and a broad range of profit and non-profit organizations. Most recently, Bedker was recently named a Fulbright Scholar to Belarus for 2018-2019.

Phil Bryson has been a constant presence in the LLA program where he has started and ended each class since the inception of the program. He is an internationally recognized expert in leadership training and management consulting. Bryson possesses extensive expertise in developing high performance leaders and teams as well as creating optimal organizational cultures. For more than 35 years, he has designed and conducted break-through programs for more than 750 organizations world-wide including 45 Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, AT&T, BP, Boeing, ConocoPhillips, DuPont, GE, GM, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Lexus, Microsoft, Nike and Porsche. Past breakthrough programs include Special Forces groups, collegiate and professional sports teams including the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, SF 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings. Bryson Is owner and CEO of On the Edge Productions Ltd.

About Leadership Los ALamos (LLA)

LLA was established in 2003 for the purpose of educating existing and emerging leaders and providing them with effective tools to develop initiatives that will enhance the quality of life and address social and economic issues in the Los Alamos area. By engaging people in solution-seeking communication, LLA encourages program graduates to develop networks for effective leadership and assume leadership roles on issues affecting the Los Alamos community and surrounding area. Since its inception, the program has graduated more than 250 leaders. 

Applications for a new class will be available in June. The sessions begin in September and conclude with a graduation in May 2019. For more about LLA, visit

For more information about the session or LLA, email

Congressman Bill Redmond, center, and Zia Credit Union President/CEO David Woodruff attend the LLA event. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

UNM-LA CEO Cindy Rooney, right, chats with LLA participants Donna McHenry, left, and Melanie Colgan. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Scene from LLA Focus Group event at UNM-LA. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Scene from LLA Focus Group event at UNM-LA. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Scene from LLA Focus Group event at UNM-LA. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Scene from LLA Focus Group event at UNM-LA. Photo by Carol A. Clark/