Leadership Los Alamos Welcomes Applications Thru Friday

Members of the Leadership Los Alamos Class of 2020. Courtesy/LLA

LLA News:

Since 2003, the Leadership Los Alamos (LLA) program has graduated more than 300 leaders who have made incredible contributions to our community. 

The program is continuing to recruit individuals who live or work in Los Alamos County and are committed to learning about their leadership styles and applying them for the betterment of our County.

Recent graduates have made the following comments regarding the impact of the program:

Los Alamos Community Foundation Executive Director Rachel Kizielewicz said, “I participated in LLA as someone who was brand new to the community. The program helped me make invaluable connections to community leaders and resources, and to better understand the community’s history and dynamics. Three years later, those connections and understandings continue to help me on a regular basis.”

County Council Chair Randall Ryti said, “I found the LLA program to be informative on a wide spectrum of topics from local government and education to youth and environment. The presentations and discussions among my classmates were instrumental to me being a better-informed member of the community. I also appreciated the leadership building opportunities and the friendships that were started during the LLA sessions. I highly recommend the program to those wanting to learn about their community and make informed contributions.”

Between September 2021 and May 2022, program participants will learn about their individual leadership styles and how to apply them to their professional and volunteer interests. 

Program objectives are to:

  • Identify and select highly motivated, emerging leaders to participate in the program.
  • Systematically inform, challenge, and educate participants regarding the opportunities and needs of the community, as well as the dynamics of social and economic change.
  • Counsel participants on management and leadership skills, and their application to civic and community leadership positions.
  • Develop interpersonal relationships and esprit de corps among participants, to enable them to work together on community projects and programs.
  • Create dialogue and rapport among participants and existing community leaders.·
  • Identify opportunities for individual and organizational community involvement.·
  • Provide opportunities for hands-on leadership experience through participation in a project.

Applications are being accepted through July 16, 2021 and more information is available at www.leadershiplosalamos.com or by writing to leadershiplosalamos@gmail.com.