LAVA Advises Local Business Owner How To Create Sales Funnel

Kelley Baer, owner of Pajarito Lactation. Courtesy photo

LAVA News:

As part of the website launch for LACDC’s Los Alamos Venture Accelerator (, LAVA founder Nicholas Seet and Mandy Marksteiner (marketing consultant) met with local entrepreneurs to find out what obstacles they face, and offer support and ideas on how to bring their businesses to the next level.

Last week Seet and Marksteiner met with Kelley Baer, owner of Pajarito Lactation, to discuss how to overcome a problem that many solo professionals face: being in a feast or famine cycle. Baer is a lactation consultant. She helps new mothers overcome problems that arise with breastfeeding, such as low weight gain and compromised milk supply. 

There are a couple of medications and herbs that women can take to increase their milk supply, but what new mothers really need to successfully start breastfeeding is support, guidance and expert advice. The challenge Baer faces is making sure that women think of her the moment they realize they have a problem (or, even better, before a problem comes up).

The advice and know-how that she sells is of immense value, but it is intangible. The reality is that her competition includes how-to videos on the Internet and other people who might give advice for free. The question is – how can she communicate the value of her consulting?

Seet and Marksteiner offered a detailed plan for gaining referrals and repeat business, creating a system that allows her to follow up regularly with customers and prospects by sending them useful information, and expanding the business by building a national and international audience who would eventually pay for her advice and expertise.

“I really appreciated the time they spent with me discussing my business, ideas, and brainstorming,” Baer said. “It was immensely helpful. Their knowledge, positivity and encouragement helped me see some new possibilities, and that’s exciting.”

Baer invites pregnant women to join her 6-week prenatal class. The class covers fears about pregnancy and parenting, nutrition, healthy habits, exercise and breastfeeding. Participants will have a chance to make friends and build a support network.

To join the prenatal class, contact Baer at She will schedule the class to fit the participants’ schedules.

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