Lauritzen: Life After 50 … So Many Events This Week

Lauren Sherwood is co-presenting the 8-week program, Paint Strokes Through Grief, 2-4 p.m. beginning Thursday at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. Courtesy photo

Jane Mackenzie McConnell is co-presenting the 8-week program, Paint Strokes Through Grief, 2-4 p.m. beginning Thursday at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. Courtesy photo


Executive Director

This month is flying by already, and so many great new things are happening locally, that I thought I would share a few.

On Wednesday, the White Rock Senior Center will host a presentation by Kendra Henning, on downsizing. Henning’s goal is not to overwhelm you, but get you started on the right path.

Her 20-plus years as a project manager and realtor have led to helping folks organize, downsize and prepare to move into smaller homes. When we take projects and put them into smaller tasks, the monumental thing becomes do-able.

How do people feel once they try it?

“They are grateful for the help and for the new chapter in their lives,” Henning said. “Most people, who have accumulated a lifetime of possessions, know they have more than they need or even want. They feel good lightening their load.”

On Thursday, the Betty Ehart Senior Center will host two great events. The first is a presentation from the Los Alamos Community Foundation. If you wonder how investing locally can be done, they have it down to a science. They will be happy to talk about the many aspects of their program, answer questions and explain how you can leave a lasting legacy in the community. We also will have senior center highlights and a variety of resources. The talks take place 1:30-2:30 p.m. Thursday.

Also starting Thursday, the Betty Ehart Center will host a new grief group 2-4 p.m. for the community. Paint Strokes Through Grief, is a free, no experience required way to deal with grief through art. Two local art therapy students, Lauren Sherwood and Jane Mackenzie McConnell, have offered the eight-week course, for anyone over 50. There is no requirement to be a senior center member to attend, but we do hope you can RSVP by calling 505.662.8920. They welcome any type of grief from death to job loss and more.

Finally, ScienceFest is already underway and continues through Sunday. You can visit me with my sidekick, The Sci Guy, in the DWI booth Friday night at Ashley Pond Park. Remember, the Atomic City Safe Ride is running, so there is no reason to Drink and Drive. Come visit us for a trinket, learn about DWI in our community and the work of the DWI Council.

On Saturday, the senior centers also known as LARSO, will have a booth at ScienceFest. We hope, “old timers,” would like to sit and chat about history. It can be from eight months ago, to 80 years ago. Come share a story with us and if you are a senior center member, there may be a treat or two. I hope to soak in the wisdom and some great stories, along the way.