Lauritzen: Life After 50 … It Takes A Village


Executive Director
According to, , the saying, “It takes a village,” is a portion of an old African proverb. They also say that may be up for debate, too. Many times it does take a village to get things accomplished and I am thankful for my village.
This week, I wanted to focus on one of our many project partners at the Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization. The community partner I have selected is Los Alamos County. Now, I realize that thanking a funder publicly may come across as being grossly obsequious, according to Come on, you should at least look up one word, plus I would get a chuckle knowing that you did just that.
I will continue, because I along with 20+ employees, wouldn’t get to do what we do, without them. Los Alamos County provides many services and buildings in the community that are run by local non-profits. Your local senior centers are just two of those locations. We service many people in the community with many programs, but I’ll elaborate on another day.
Today, my focus is on the many cogs that help to keep this well-oiled machine running throughout the year. The sad part is, that I won’t be able to name everyone because it would take so long to get the names. Plus, I haven’t even met many of them, that’s why, it takes a village.
I began May 1 and there has been some faced paced learning along the way. The first month, we did monthly fire drills, checked the AED machines weekly and many things not many people pay attention to, on a daily basis. These are now things that are my new routine and ones I feel like everyone needs to know about.
I had my first state audit and then first walk through with the Senior, Fire and Life Safety Coordinator, Stephen Rinaldi. Thanks to Rinaldi and Division Chief/Fire Marshal, Wendy Servey, we received our fire inspections upon request. It was an eye opening experience that sets the tone for an organization. We have a great guide and some education we can do for our members too.
Prior to the three-day audit, there were a few things outside the building to handle too. The crew from the Pavement Division stopped by to fix two of our, “Parking Bumps.” Did you know that’s what they call the concrete blocks you park your car tires against? I couldn’t get in, grab my camera, they were fixed and gone in a flash.
Then there’s the gentleman that came to trim weeds near the sidewalks. I had even brought in a cooler of drinks, but he was done and gone before I even knew it.
Finally, there’s Keith Yeske and Jim Zerr, that help me get everything else I need to check off the list, Bob Feagans and Yvonne Valencia, who keep me in line. Last, but not least are Donna Casados, Deni Fell and Eloisa Sanchez, who answer all of my questions and I am sure there are too many. They all make me look good when I don’t deserve it, but they complete the village and I thank them, so forgive me for being obsequious.