LAPS Foundation Now Accepting Grant Applications

Fifth grade students at Chamisa Elementary School hold up books that were given to the school as part of a Great Ideas Grant last fall. Courtesy/LAPSF


The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation has announced that its spring grant cycle is now open, and it will be accepting applications through Feb. 28.

The LAPS Foundation grants fall into three categories: Great Ideas Grants, Professional Development Grants, and Professional Book Group Grants.

Any licensed LAPS teacher may apply. The funding for these grants is made possible by generous contributions from individuals and organizations throughout the year.
Great Ideas Grants fund materials and/or resources to support an idea a teacher would like to implement with his or her students. In particular, the LAPS Foundations supports innovative ideas that augment the basic curriculum and align with the Common Core Standards.

This is a great way for teachers to initiate their fresh, innovative ideas for which funding might not otherwise be available.

Professional Development Grants allow educators to attend conferences, seminars or other types of training that would enhance their teaching capabilities. It is the goal of the LAPS Foundation to invest in developing teachers as professionals and help them to take advantage of these important opportunities.

Professional Book Group Grants allow LAPS educators to read and discuss a book with their colleagues that is relevant to education and allows them to gain new ideas and/or broaden their pedagogical knowledge.

The deadline to apply for all three types of grants is Feb. 28. Licensed LAPS teachers can fill out the online applications at

Last fall, the LAPS Foundation awarded more than $16,000 in support of these grants. It is aiming to award a similar amount this spring.

Successful grant applications last fall included math software tools at LAHS, a voter response system to use in elementary classrooms, books for an interdisciplinary lesson at LAMS, and an artist in residence at one of the elementary schools.

The grants also supported nine teachers to attend conferences as well as a professional development program at LAHS, and four professional book groups.

The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is an independent organization that supports, challenges, and invests in a successful future for all Los Alamos public school students.

Since its inception in 2005, the LAPS Foundation has facilitated the donation of more than $1 million to fund opportunities and materials for students, provide professional development for district educators, defray operating expenses, and assist with capital improvements to enrich learning environments in the Los Alamos public schools.

The Foundation raises money through generous contributions from individuals and organizations who share the Foundation’s core values that excellent public education is every child’s right, and that excellent public education systems depend on: a well-informed and supportive community, caring and competent educators, a supportive and responsive school environment, and sufficient financing to achieve educational goals.

To learn more about the LAPS Foundation and how to get involved and/or make a donation, visit or call 505.500.6501.