LAPS Foundation Facilitates $75K In Donations 2016-17

Students at Los Alamos Middle School work with an artist in residence, paid for by a LAPS Foundation grant, to create ceramic masterpieces. Courtesy/LAPSF


As budgets tighten, evaluations get stricter, and staff morale is critical, the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation has been working ever harder to facilitate donations to fill important gaps in the school district’s budget.

During the 2016-17 school year, that amounted to more than $75,000 toward opportunities and materials for students, professional development and staff appreciation for district educators, and scholarships for graduating seniors.

At Pinon Elementary School, that meant equipment which enabled more than 100 students to get involved in a robotics club.

For Aspen Elementary’s Living Skills program, it meant getting the equipment and supplies necessary to run a coffee bar – which not only taught students life skills, but also improved the morale among staff, who eagerly anticipated their coffee orders every other week.

At Los Alamos High School, it meant acquiring reading materials that helped students who saw themselves as non-readers and non-writers to see themselves in a different light.

As a result of donations from the LAPS Foundation, nearly 100 LAPS educators received professional development in the 2016-17 school year. For some it was going to conferences, seminars and training, for others it was holding professional book groups through which they could learn together with their colleagues. The Foundation also financially helped educators to receive advancements in their teaching licensure, some of which were optional but others which were mandatory.

The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is an independent organization that supports, challenges, and invests in a successful future for all Los Alamos public school students. Since its inception in 2005, the LAPS Foundation has donated more than $1 million to fund opportunities and materials for students, provide professional development for district educators, defray operating expenses, and assist with capital improvements to enrich learning environments in the Los Alamos public schools.

The LAPS Foundation raises money through generous contributions from individuals and organizations who share the Foundation’s core values that excellent public education is every child’s right, and that excellent public education systems depend on: a well-informed and supportive community, caring and competent educators, a supportive and responsive school environment, and sufficient financing to achieve educational goals.

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