LAPS District Speech Competition Results

District Speech Contestants with Barranca Mesa Teacher and event coordinator, Audrey Juliani. Photo by McKenzie Jiron

Audrey Juliani, Humorous 2nd Place Winner Elise Chavez, Serious 2nd Place Winner Gwyneth Lyons, Serious 1st Place Winner Elizabeth Frost and Humorous 1st Place Winner Jon Gilbert. Photo by McKenzie Jiron


LAPS District Speech Competition Results

On April 14, Barranca Mesa Elementary School Principal Virginia Terrazas welcomed students and their families to the Los Alamos Public Schools 2016 Elementary District Speech Contest to their school. Student representatives from each elementary school were in attendance where they competed in either the serious or humorous category and brought us an amazing show. 

Barranca Mesa Principal Virginia Terrazas with Barranca student Elizabeth Frost who won 1st Place in the Serious Category. Photo by McKenzie Jiron

In the end four fantastic winners were named in the first and second place of each category. Coming in first place in the serious category was Barranca Mesa 6th grader Elizabeth Frost with a piece entitled “Two Kinds.” The second place winner in the serious category was Pinon’s Gwyneth Lyons with an excerpt from “The Fault in Our Stars.” In first place for the humorous category was Aspen 6th grader Jon Gilbert with a piece entitled “Triune Tale of Diminutive Swine,” and in second place for humorous category was Chamisa 6th grader Elise Chavez with a piece entitled “Seriously, Cinderella is so annoying.”   

Even though everyone could not be the first place winner, Audrey Juliani, 6th grade teacher and organizer of the LAPS District Speech contest, reminded all of the competitors that they were all winners for making it this far. Mrs. Julini, who has been teaching for 22 years, also wanted everyone to know that Speech and Debate is a great opportunity for students to compete and to be exposed to other types of speeches that will deepen their speaking experience.

Speech competitors in the LAPS 2016 Elementary District Speech Contest in the serious category include:

  • Dominic Dowdy (Chamisa Elementary-5th Grade);
  • Katie Wingo (Aspen Elementary-6th Grade);
  • Beste Zeytun (Mountain Elementary-5th Grade);
  • Elizabeth Frost (Barranca Mesa Elementary-6th Grade); and
  • Gwyneth Lyons (Pinon Elementary-6th Grade). 

Contestants in the humorous category include:

  • Abigail Lechel (Pinon Elementary-6th Grade);
  • Jon Gilbert (Aspen Elementary-6th Grade);
  • Aidan Cooley (Barranca Mesa Elementary-6th Grade);
  • Yun Kim (Mountain Elementary-5th Grade); and
  • Elise Chavez (Chamisa Elementary-6th Grade).