LANL’s Ward Hawkins Speaks At LACACIS Thursday

Ward L. Hawkins


The December meeting of the Los Alamos Committee on Arms Control and International Security (LACACIS) will feature a talk by Ward L. Hawkins at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, in the Lounge at the Education Building of the United Church, 2525 Canyon Road in Los Alamos.

Hawkins is the project manager for Nuclear Testing Limitations at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His talk is entitled, “CTBT On-Site Inspection, Full Scale Integrated Field Exercise in Jordan: Scenario Development and Execution”.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) On-Site Inspection Integrated Field Exercise 2014 has been referred to as the largest nonproliferation field exercise to date.  LANL researchers played major roles in the scenario development and execution, which resulted in an exercise that fully achieved the defined goals to test On-Site Inspection capabilities and identify future development needs.

Hawkins joined LANL in 1979 as a containment scientist for U.S underground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site. He has been involved in many projects related to nuclear testing including the Joint Verification Experiment, which led to the ratification of the Threshold Test-Ban Treaty.

Hawkins managed the Ground-based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research program at LANL prior to the NTL Project. He was the Scenario Task Force Chairman and Control Team Leader for the Integrated Field Exercise in Jordan, for which he and his LANL NTL team were awarded NNSA Excellent Service medals.

LACACIS was formed in 1986 to examine the increasingly complex international environment with respect to arms control, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and verification. LACACIS is a citizen non-governmental organization that independently researches, debates and advocates political positions. Public meetings are conducted with experts on arms control, international security, and related issues. For more information, visit