LANL’s Physical Security Chief Retires

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Physical Security Division Leader John (Jack) E. Killeen of Los Alamos National Laboratory retires Friday, June 21.

His career in security police forces has taken him on assignments across the globe. Killeen has planned his retirement to be just as hard driving. He’ll take a brief break before embarking on a two month mountain bike ride through the Rocky Mountains from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border.

In October, Killeen will launch a consulting firm, JEK Enterprises, LLC, through which he will apply his skills in consultation and program development to take on challenging work involving complex problem solving, leadership, organizational effectiveness and human behavioral issues.

General Manager Ken Freeman of SOC Los Alamos has worked for Killeen on and off for nearly three decades in the United States and Europe.

“I’ve read that the mark of an outstanding mentor is subtlety … Jack is very subtle,” Freeman said. “He will be tremendously missed by all of us.”

LANL’s Security Integration Group Leader Mike Wismer also has worked for Killeen in the United States and Europe.

“Jack has been a mentor to me for 25 years in the military, in the protective force and in security and safeguards,” Wismer said. “He’s a true visionary security leader … respected by the profession in all corners of the globe. It’s an honor to be the person selected to fill his shoes – I hope I can live up to it.”

Wismer takes over as Physical Security Division Leader on Monday, June 24.

“Some of the highlights of my career include developing the Lab’s Protective Force from an under-equipped, marginally trained industrial security guard force to a fully equipped, highly capable paramilitary force,” Killeen said. “There was the Wen Ho Lee experience and the Cerro Grande Fire … we were heroes for a week, then the hard drive went missing and everyone felt the heat … the hard drive turned up later behind a copy machine.”

Killeen also recalled arresting movie stars such as Martin Sheen and Wes Studi during anti-nuclear demonstrations at LANL. He took a position managing the DOE National Training Center for a couple of years and returned to LANL as Physical Security and Safeguards Division Leader. In his first week on the job, a scandal erupted around unaccounted for classified floppy discs. “I got to meet a lot of congressmen and senior DOE officials right off the bat,” Killeen said with a smile.

There were the TA-18 issues with POGO distortions and media flaps, the famous large intestine (vehicle access portals) in which the County sued DOE, the contract change to LANS, the first nuclear waste shipments headed for WIPP, he said. Also, the Las Conchas Fire and the Nuclear Material Safeguards & Security Upgrades Project, which will be the best by far in the complex when completed later this year – it will mean a significant conceptual step forward in perimeter defense, he said.

“It’s been a great honor for me to have worked and socialized with a number of the giants associated with Los Alamos – Pete Domenici, Heather Wilson, Jay Wechsler, George Cowan who I served with on the LANL Foundation and who I spent time with at the Santa Fe Institute, Steve Stoddard, Sig Hecker, Bill Enloe and many more,” Killeen said.

Killeen spent many years involved in community service activities. He served as advisor to Explorer Post 20 – running white water rafts all over the west, back country skiing and snow cave camping among many other activities. He also is a longtime member of Kiwanis and served for years on the Los Alamos Arts Council.

“While all of these initiatives and actions have been a lot of fun, the only thing I will really miss is the people I have worked and played with,” Killeen said. “These are outstanding people working hard to further the interests of our nation … it has been an honor to be part of the team.”

Among Killeen’s many honors and commendations, he is one of only three senior USAF Security Force Officers in history to be awarded the “Order of the Sword” by enlisted members of the Air Force for “superior people-centered leadership.”

Killeen also earned the Commandant’s Award for “outstanding contribution to military thought” while attending the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., in 1987, for a book that he co-authored on counterterrorism, “Coping with Terrorism.”

Career Synopsis

Physical Security Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory, supervised Laboratory Protective Force as Subcontract Technical Representative and primary oversight. Direct the Physical Security Program, Classified Matter Protection and Control program, Physical Security Systems (sensor fields and Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Assessment Systems), Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Program, Personnel Security Program, Deployed Security Services, and Vulnerability Assessment Program.

Safeguards & Security Division Manager, B&W Pantex, Amarillo, Texas, directed Safeguards & Security program at Pantex Plant–the United States’ nuclear weapons maintenance, upgrade and assessment factory–managing a $155M budget. Led the 600 person Protective Force. Supervised the Information Protection program, Vulnerability Assessments, and Nuclear Materials Control & Accountability program. Managed S&S Training, Security Systems, Security Engineering, risk management technology development, and Personnel Security. Led the S&S Performance Assurance and self-assessment programs. Managed Cyber security. Led Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Program. Supervised Integrated Safeguards & Security Management (ISSM) program.

Security & Safeguards Division Leader, Los Alamos National Laboratory, led Safeguards & Security program for Los Alamos National Lab. Managed Physical Security program, Security Systems, and the Security Incident program. Had operational control over the Protective Force. Supervised security policy development, security training, technology enhancement, and chaired the Security Improvement Task Force. Managed the Deployed Security Program. Supervised Emergency Management and Response. Supervised the Classification program, Vulnerability Assessment program and led the Material Control and Accountability program. Managed Internal Inquiries, the self-assessment program, and the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Program.

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wackenhut Services Inc., led the Department of Energy National Training Center. Managed the Central Training Academy, the Foreign Interaction Training Academy, the Counterintelligence Training Academy, and the Accelerated Access Authorization Program (lie detector administration program) for the Department of Energy. Managed the Anti-terrorism Assistance Program for the Department of State. Managed a major program for Department of Homeland Security that pre-positioned emergency response equipment around the United States.

General Manager, Protection Technology Los Alamos, Los Alamos National Laboratory, primary responsibility for security force operations at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Led a Protective Force of over 600 members who provide protection of special nuclear materials, information, employees, and government property from theft, diversion, sabotage, and malicious destruction at Los Alamos National Lab. Responsible for overseeing security force training, exercises, and performance.

Commander, Air Force Security Police Agency, United States Air Force, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, commanded an agency of 150 persons who provided oversight and guidance to nearly 35,000 security force men and women worldwide. Oversaw implementation and management of nuclear and physical security, law enforcement, air base ground defense, sensor system evaluation and approval. Oversaw Air Force prisons and corrections, military working dog selection and training, combat arms training and maintenance, security police training, personnel security, industrial security, security education and awareness, and security police equipment management program. Sponsored and oversaw development of the Joint Tactical Simulation system adopted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Energy to model small unit combat. Awarded the Order of the Sword by the AF enlisted force for outstanding people-centered leadership.

Chief of Security for US Air Forces in Europe, United States Air Force,Ramstein Air Base, Germany, provided leadership, policy and guidance to a 5,868-person security force operating in 10 allied nations. Responsible for maintaining law, order, and safety and for preserving the quality of life in 41 military communities. Managed all AF law enforcement operation in Europe. Supervised protection of all US nuclear weapons and secured all AF aircraft in Europe. Designed and executed antiterrorism programs to defend bases, homes and families from terrorist attack. Supervised training of all AF personnel in the use of handguns, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and heavier weapons. Implemented process to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on the community and to control civil disturbances–including anti-military demonstrations and labor unrest. Developed and implemented the strategy after the fall of the Berlin Wall to change AF in Europe Security from fight-in-place force to deployable force. Placed first deployed AF troops into Angola, Mogadishu, and Bosnia.

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