LANL Workers To Protest Vaccine Mandate Tuesday

From The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance:

In response to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all employees, hundreds of workers will be Calling Out and gathering 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7 in a Freedom Assembly at Ashley Pond Park.

The Call Out is a demonstration of how many LANL workers could potentially leave the organization if the rule-makers do not rescind the vaccine mandate, and thereby force many workers off the job permanently.

In an open letter to LANL management, employees wrote:

“We believe in our inalienable Constitutional rights as Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; our civil rights pursuant under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; and our basic human rights as accepted under Codes of Medical Ethics, including the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki. We believe that it is our God given and legal right to make our own health decision without fear of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or coercion.

“The existence of COVID-19 does not justify the numerous violations of fundamental individual, economic and religious liberties. These include the rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity, and the right to accept or reject the various COVID vaccines based on religious belief or other grounds…

“WE have faced discrimination, harassment, bullying and coercion from YOUR management and other employees without any consideration for our rights…

“We ask you to stand by us the way we have stood by you in the hardest time we have seen in our careers. Support us in making the best choices for ourselves. Show us that we are valued as humans, not only as employees. Show us that we are appreciated as employees and for our dedication. We are asking you to uphold our rights to bodily autonomy, without forced vaccination. We will continue to accomplish our missions the same way we have for the last 20 months.”

No government or institution can know what is best for any other human being’s medical choices. People have diverse healthcare needs, and one-size-fits-all medical solutions are not appropriate.

Unethical vaccine mandates are affecting many people across New Mexico, including healthcare workers, teachers, corrections officers, first responders, military personnel, and many essential workers.  Every New Mexican deserves the right to choose what happens to their own body. The people who want to get vaccinated should do so. Those who don’t want to do so have the fundamental human right to say NO!

All who support the right to bodily autonomy are invited to join the Freedom Assembly 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7 at Ashley Pond Park.