LANL Senior Historian Alan Carr To Discuss Manhattan Project At Santa Fe World Affairs Forum Sept. 22


Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos played an enormous role in the Manhattan Project. Its part in developing the nuclear bomb during World War II will be explored and discussed during the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum’s talk noon to 2 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Santa Fe Community College.

LANL Senior Historian Alan Carr

Los Alamos National Laboratory Program Manager and Senior Historian Alan Carr will lead the discussion. He will focus on the purpose of the Manhattan Project, which was to develop an atomic bomb in short amount of time. The Manhattan Project encompassed an estimated half of million people across the country. Carr will emphasize Los Alamos’ part in this and what it achieved in just 27 months as well as the consequences of that achievement.

Forum Vice President Arvid Lundy said Carr’s talk fits in perfectly with the Forum’s focus on worldwide issues. Lundy explained the Manhattan Project is a piece of history that had a huge impact on the world.

“Alan has an excellent reputation of being an excellent speaker,” he said.

Forum Board President Patricia Kushlis added that the topic Carr will speak about is still relevant today.

“This is Los Alamos,” she said. “This is where the nuclear bomb was developed. We are looking at a situation where many of our nuclear treaties are expiring or have expired.”

Kushlis further pointed out that the entire climate regarding nuclear weapons has changed drastically since the Cold War.

The talk will have a catered lunch and there will be time for questions after the presentation.

“We try to make this as much of an interactive experience as we can offer,” Kushlis said.

Attendees are asked to register in advance, which can be done at the Forum’s website.

The Santa Fe World Affairs Forum was founded in 2004. It is a nonprofit organization that explores foreign policy, international relations and global issues. Its speakers come from New Mexico, the U.S. and abroad.

The Forum holds five or more interactive expert-led programs per year in Santa Fe, usually at the Santa Fe Community College. In addition to its talks, the Forum holds an annual symposium that is designed to delve deeper into current issues. The 2023 symposium will be held April 13-14 at the Santa Fe Community College. The Forum also hosts webinar series on its website.

Issues and events that have world-wide impact is the focus of the Forum, Kushlis said.

“Basically, we are trying to help people who are interested in foreign policy and put in context what they are reading in the news or hearing on the TV … to help them ask questions about this very broad field,” she said.

Lundy added that worldwide events have a worldwide effect, even in Los Alamos. Examples include refugees coming to the U.S. and climate change.

Santa Fe World Affairs Forum Vice President Arvid Lundy and President Patricia Kushlis recently at the Los Alamos Daily Post to discuss a talk by LANL Senior Historian Alan Carr. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

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