LANL Provides Shoes To LAPS Students

Amanda Martinez, on behalf of LANL’s Community Programs Office, presents 10 coupons for shoes to LAPS Superintendent Dr. Gene Schmidt. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

LANL Community Programs continued its annual “LANL Laces” with a gift of 10 coupons for shoes for Los Alamos students. 

This marks the fourth year that Amanda Martinez on behalf of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Community Programs Office has been a part of the giving program. This year, 162 LANL Laces gift cards were distributed to needy students throughout northern New Mexico.

Funding for LANL Laces was made possible through the purchase of books by staff at a recent LANL “Book Fair.”

Ed Vigil, who assisted in the effort to raise funds, stated, “Thanks go to LANL employees and our business partners who recognized the importance of assisting needing students.” This marked the fourth year Vigil from the Community Programs Office has participated in the LANL Laces funding of shoes for needy children.

Martinez said she was excited to be a part of this effort to provide shoes for needy students as well. 

“I am proud to help someone in need and proud to be a part of this effort by LANL employees to improve the lives of children in northern New Mexico,” she said.

LAPS Superintendent Dr. Gene Schmidt thanked the Community Programs Office and LANL employees for caring for kids. He said that the 10 shoe coupons would be divided amongst the five elementary schools with school counselors and building principals determining how the LANL Laces coupons would be distributed.

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