LANL: New, Stricter Pajarito Road Access Rules Go Into Effect Aug. 12



LANL News:

New, Stricter Pajarito Road Access Rules Go Into Effect Aug. 12

  • No more “vouching” for family members

Los Alamos National Laboratory, at the direction of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Field Office, will restrict access on Pajarito Road to only Laboratory badge holders effective Monday, Aug. 12.

This means that Laboratory personnel and subcontractors will no longer be able to “vouch” for non-Laboratory personnel such as family members.

“Our Laboratory and security access procedures are continually reviewed and updated to ensure we provide a secure working environment for our employees and visitors,” said Michael Lansing, the Laboratory’s Associate Director for Security and Safeguards. “Entry to the Pajarito Corridor provides access to our most sensitive areas and now is restricted to those with a valid reason and badge to enter this area.”

Pajarito Road has been access controlled for several years. Only individuals who have federal or Laboratory issued badges can travel this road, which traverses through several Laboratory technical areas and intersects with N.M. 4 on the east end and Diamond Drive on the west end near the main Technical Area 3.

The Laboratory and the Los Alamos Field Office of the NNSA are in the process of notifying local government and school officials, about the planned changes to access on Pajarito Road. A webpage has more information about public access to the Laboratory.


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