Lamphouse Sales Offers Alternative To Garage Sales

Caroyle and Gary Kemp, here with daughter Abigal, are the proprietors of Lamphouse Sales in White Rock. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
Abigail Kemp shows off some of the art available at Lamphouse Sales. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/

Los Alamos Daily Post

The idea for Lamphouse Sales came to Gary Kemp when he noticed all the garage sales taking place in Los Alamos.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place to go instead of attending all these garage sales?” Kemp remembered.  

His wife Caroyle Kemp ran with the idea and Lamphouse Sales opened Nov. 5.

Gary came to White Rock in 2004 when he took a job as Fire Management Officer for Bandelier National Monument. He’s now retired, though he still takes part in fire management activities. Gary and Caroyle have a young daughter, Abigail, who attends Chamisa Elementary School.

“Abby is a big part of this operation,” Gary said.


Part of the furniture display area at Lamphouse Sales. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/

Like an ordinary garage sale, Lamphouse does business only on Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in winter, with extended hours in the summer. But Lamphouse offers a few advantages. For a fee of $25 in White Rock, or $35 in Los Alamos, the Kemps will deliver your item to your home. They will also pick up items for sale. Customers may drop off or pick up items if they prefer.

Instead of having to host a sale, sellers can pay the Kemps a 40 percent commission and receive 60 percent of the profits without doing the hard work of putting on a garage sale.

The Kemps will also make arrangements to meet with customers who want look at a particular item. Some of the items for sale are displayed on the company website at, as well as a listing of items customers are looking for.

What kinds of things are available at Lamphouse? Mostly larger items, Gary said. Things like power tools, exercise equipment, baby gear, appliances, sporting goods, kitchen items, art and all kinds of furniture were on display during a recent visit.

How about the company name? It’s a combination of Lane (Caroyle’s former name) and Kemp. The couple was already calling their home “the lamp house” so it was an obvious choice for the family business, Caroyle explained.

Lamphouse Sales is at 106C Longview Dr., in White Rock, right behind Smith’s Grocery Store and next to High Mesa Dental. They can be reached at 505.699.2462 or