LALT Hosts New Mark Dunn Play Reading Wednesday

LALT News:

Santa Fe-based playwright Mark Dunn’s most popular play, “Belles,” premiered in 1988.

“Belles” visits six southern women, the Walker sisters, who, over the course of an autumn weekend, seek to bridge the physical and emotional distance between them via the telephone, and in the process come to terms with their shattered family history.

This year, Dunn returned to these six women in “Belles: The Reunion,” in which telephone reconnections are driven by the news that their mother is being tossed — yet again — from a nursing home, this time for disrobing in front of the television in the common room.

Los Alamos Little Theatre will host a reading of “Belles: The Reunion” 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, at the Performing Arts Center, 1670 Nectar St. The reading is free of charge and open to anyone, whether they choose to participate in the reading or sit back and listen.

“Of all the hundreds of characters I’ve written over the years, I reserve a special spot in my heart for the six Walker sisters,” Dunn said.

He returned to them after 25 years to discover “to what degree had they changed?

“The older we get, the more hurdles we must surmount and the more disappointments come along that must be taken in stride. How were my Walker sisters holding up?” Dunn wondered.

Dunn will attend Wednesday’s reading and be available to discuss the play and the characters after the reading.

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