LAHS Students Take Top Two Places In Pasatiempo Winter Writing Contest

Writing contest winners Katie Delgado, 16, left, 11th grader and Sarah Schirato, 18, 12th grader at Los Alamos High School. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

Two Los Alamos High School students were featured in the 2015 winter edition of Pasatiempo for their submissions to the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Pasatiempo Writing Contest.

Katie Delgado’s poem “Today,” won first place in the teen poetry division, and Sarah Schirato won second for her poem, “Neither the Light of the Sun,” in the same division.
Every year, Michelle Holland encourages her Humanities students, and any other interested student to enter the contest. LAHS has been quite successful over the years, as every year students have entered, we have had at least one or two published as winners.
This year, we had 11 students enter either poems or prose, and out of more than 370 entries, Delgado and Schirato’s poems rose to the top!
The winning poems:


By Katie Delgado

I bought peaches at the market

with the blessing of a farmer

willing to sell in smaller bundles.

I carried them in the brown paper bag

not used for lunch.

I carried them through the silence of too many words

and on an adventure without bagpipes.

The first — juicy, medium fuzz,

with a healthy hint of spice —

I ate in the shade of the people’s tree.

The second — not as ripe as I wished, not

as bruised as I expected —

I ate with a cautious tongue

and a diligent hand.

Now, thinking of you,

I find a sweeter fruit.

Though my bag is empty,

eat another peach — grown in Georgia (please

understand), the color of sticky notes — and wonder

at the beauty of chance.

Neither Light of the Sun

By Sarah Schirato

Give me a steadfast reason

To stay in this vain world of day,

As the night of every season

Fades quicker and quicker away.

Woven slender among the posts,

Names etched in black stone.

Fingers to block the light of the host,

Those spheres so very alone.

A whisper near my ear in the darkness;

The birds dare to sing of the sun.

The moving shadow between us;

The lines begin to come undone.

So terribly terribly fragile,

The gossamer grasshopper wing.

That sweet embrace of the last battle,

Bids me silent praise to bring.

Like the grass swaying in the honeyed breeze,

Like the cool, moon-drenched rock,

Give me that land of quiet ease,

Hid behind that gold-wrought lock.