LAHS Key Club Celebrates 70 Years

Los Alamos High School Key Club Oct. 24 celebrating the 70th anniversary of the club’s founding, from left, Dimitri Lopez, Andrew Watson, Audrey Nolen, Victoria Nisoli, Isaac Ronning, Shena Han and Noah Lyons. Photo by Don Casperson

LAHS Key Club President

On Oct. 24, the Los Alamos High School Key Club celebrated the 70th anniversary of the club’s founding.

The members gathered together to eat cake and share the impact the club has on their lives:

“To me, Key Club means being part of an amazing whole whose benevolence improves not only the community, but the nation as a whole. Through this club, I feel like I am doing my part in making the world a better place,” Jose Garcia said.

Most emphasized the importance of helping the community and the amazing opportunities Key Club provides for doing just that. They mentioned that the club encouraged leadership and “stepping out of one’s comfort zone” in the name of service. Many also stressed how the club prompted them to be more open-minded and selfless due to the constant interaction with different people.

The members all have lots of fun while volunteering. New friendships emerge within the club and the club brings together a variety of individuals who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet, much less work together on service projects.

One member stated, “A large group of students who understand the value of service fosters the most amazing vibe.”

“The best part about being a Key Club member is engaging with fellow peers as you work on projects and have some of the most bizarre yet memorable experiences!” Christine Mathew said.

Hopefully, as the members graduate and move on in their lives, they can utilize the skills and values Key Club planted in them and work effectively towards a better, more compassionate world. 

“The best part of Key Club is that I see how wonderfully unselfish young people can be; it gives me great hope for the future.” –Anonymous

Here’s to 70 more years!