LAHS Astronomy Club Participates In XL Program

Local astrophysicist Rick Wallace speaks to students Saturday about human space exploration and living on the space station. Courtesy/LAPS
Students gather Saturday at LAHS to hear from guest speakers and learn more about Astronomy. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos High School Astronomy Club, in conjunction with science teachers Debbie Grothaus and Megan Rains, hosted local astronomers and astrophysicists Nov. 2 as part of the Extended Learning (XL) program.

Students not only had the opportunity to learn about a variety of Astronomy topics, but they also joined the Pajarito Astronomers at Overlook Park for their dark night.

Topics of discussion included Space Probes, Human Space Exploration and Living on the Space Station, Planets and Constellations, Celestial Navigation, Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life and much more. 

This was the first Extended Learning Saturday at LAPS, which is funded by a recent legislative initiative to encourage extended learning opportunities beyond the traditional school year.

LAPS staff introduced XL Saturdays as a way to offer a full day of engaging and place-based enrichment to students. Teachers have been encouraged to use local resources and think creatively about a topic or activity they’d like to share with students.

LAPS plans to offer 10 XL Saturdays to middle school and high school students that emphasize experiential, project-based learning.

“We would like to thank all of the community volunteers who lent their time and expertise to inspire a group of high school students,” Grothaus said. “None of this would have happened without them!”