LACDC Releases Los Alamos MainStreet Survey Results




What are the people of Los Alamos interested in having as retail and dining options? Where does Los Alamos prefer to shop? What time do people prefer to shop in Los Alamos? What products, brand, and stores do people wish there was in Los Alamos? 

Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation developed and conducted a survey to help provide retail owners and restaurateurs the answers to these age old questions. This was an online survey through Los Alamos MainStreet website that was conducted during April. There were business cards and signs to promote the survey around town at different retail locations and restaurants. We also promoted the survey through press releases and social media. We received 381 responses, which is approximately two percent of our population. 

We asked a variety of different questions pertaining to Los Alamos and shopping and dining habits. A major point was the lack of concentration of stores, shops and dining places in downtown. It shouldn’t come as a shock that a majority of people’s favorite community to shop in is Santa Fe with Los Alamos/White Rock coming in second. It is interesting to note that many people prefer to shop after work or on Saturday.

We were also curious about the dining options in Los Alamos. Good news is that Los Alamos won as the place most people eat out with Santa Fe coming in second.  Lunch and dinner seem to be the most popular meal to eat out. The people of Los Alamos would like to see more casual and family dining, cafes and pubs. 

We also wondered about the percentage of purchases for different retail categories that people made in Los Alamos and over the Internet. This was a very extensive list with 29 different categories.  The most common services purchased in Los Alamos were beauty and hair care services, medical services, dental services and prescriptions. The most common products purchased over the internet are books/music and electronics. We also asked survey takers for their comments on what products, brands, and stores they would like to see here in Los Alamos. This is also broken down by the 29 different categories. 

As you can see, we have just touched the surface of all the different results from this survey. There is more specific information and comments for each question asked in the survey. One of the more interesting analyses will be cross tabulating the results with the demographic information collected.  There are too many findings to list them all in this article, so fortunately there is a follow-up meeting to discuss the outcome.

Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce will host a business breakfast at 7:30 a.m., Aug. 1 at UNM-Los Alamos Building 5, Room 505 in Wallace Hall to go in-depth into the survey results and provide an open forum for discussion on how to meet the needs of the Los Alamos community. This is a great opportunity as a business owner to come learn how the survey can be applied to your business and collaborate with other business owners. As always you can contact Katie Stavert at 661-4805 or to go over the survey results if you can’t make the breakfast or would like more specific results.


Los Alamos MainStreet is a program of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (LACDC), a private, not-for-profit economic and community development organization serving the Los Alamos area since 1983. LACDC serves as the foundation organization for Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos MainStreet, Los Alamos Meeting & Visitors Bureau, Los Alamos Business Assistance Services and the Los Alamos Research Park.­

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