Knoze Jr Of Los Alamos Partners With As ‘Seen On TV’

Kevin Harrington, the founder of the As Seen On TV empire and one of the original sharks on the Emmy-awarding winning Shark Tank, will partner with Knoze Jr of Los Alamos to promote AllerPops. Courtesy image


Knoze Jr. recently partnered with Kevin Harrington and As Seen on TV. Harrington is the founder of the As Seen On TV empire and one of the first judges on the Emmy-awarding winning Shark Tank.

As Seen On TV is responsible for introducing products like AllerPops to the public and booked more than $5 billion in product sales.

AllerPops are all-natural prebiotic lollipops that help tackle the cause of allergies, not just the symptoms. AllerPops help provide long-lasting relief, with little to no side effects.

AllerPops is a unique and innovative product that can help many avoid seasonal allergies. Created by Dr. Cliff Han of Los Alamos, AllerPops is a natural and safe way to control the immune system and prevent seasonal allergies.

Han and his family suffered from allergies for years. He developed this all-natural formula to find relief. Today, AllerPops patented formula has been selling to people all over the country. Knoze Jr., the company that makes AllerPops, has seen growth in sales every year, and now is proud to become a member of the As Seen On TV family of products.

“I’m excited to introduce AllerPops to a wider audience with the help of As Seen On TV,” Han said. “We know that our product can help so many and look forward to telling seasonal allergy sufferers more about how it works.”

Knoze Jr. will be showcasing AllerPops with infomercials and social media productions with the help of the Fortune Media Group and As Seen On TV.

About Knoze Jr. and AllerPops

AllerPops from Knoze Jr. is a product developed Han. A trained physician in China, Han later worked in the Los Alamos National Laboratory for two decades as a biologist. Suffering from personal, debilitating allergies, Han decided to craft the perfect natural solution: an easy-to-eat lollipop that contains a mixture of prebiotics which encourage healthy flora growth in the oral cavity. Using the same logic that fuels the current probiotics food trend of yogurts and smoothies, Han’s patented allergy candy facilitates the growth of the body’s own natural flora; thus encouraging the delicate balance of microorganisms which can help ameliorate allergic reactions. Learn more about Knoze Jr. and AllerPops at