Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Winners Announced

Free Throw Championship winners. Courtesy/Andie Trottier and Yvonne Gonzales
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship competitors with coaches Gary Ahlers, left, and Roger Anaya. Courtesy/Andie Trottier and Yvonne Gonzales

K OF C News:

Sunday, Jan. 26, 22 boys and girls competed in the annual local Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship. Four girls and four boys were named local champions and earned the right to compete in the district competition which will be held in late February. The state championships will be held in March.

Charles Steinkamp was the 10-year-old boys champion and Isabella Robertson won the 10-year-old girls championship while Eli Iramk-Bent was crowned champion in the 11-year-old boy’s division. Twelve-year-old winners in the girls’ and boys’ divisions were Alica Gonzales and Antonio Gonzales. Uriah Sanchez won the boys 13-year-old division and Michaela Roberston won the girls 13-year-old division. Michaela Vigil-Lujan was the girls 14-year-old champion.

Alicia Gonzales, this year’s 12-year-old winner and Eli Iramk-Bent, the 11-year old winner, both won the state championship last year. Alicia has won two state championships (10-year-old and 11-year-old.) In this year’s local competition, they had the top two scores across all divisions.

The Knights of Columbus would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s local competition. They also would like to thank Los Alamos Public Schools for the use of Griffith Gymnasium.