Khalsa Reviews ‘Flight’

Review by Dr. Seva SSS Khalsa, DOM, L.Ac.
Well I must admit that it is a real delight reviewing a movie like this. In spite of the subject material, the way this movie was put together, edited and acted, it’s like sitting down for a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and having your best friends there, too.

If you’re looking for a mature adult film … this is it. I’m a fan of Denzel Washington. Never met him but his acting is always there and he seems to pick the right movies to be in. Flight is no exception.

You’ve probably seen the trailers where he makes an impossible landing and is the hero but ………… there’s only one problem: Some people die in the crash, and there are blood tests of the pilots and crew and someone must be blamed for those who died in the crash and guess who has the high blood alcohol test?

This will be the main focus of the rest of the movie, with subplots and twists and turns that leave you anticipating but not really knowing what’s going to happen to our hero.

Don’t miss the beginning of the movie. Our hero, airline captain William “Whip” Whittaker, is waking up from a long night of boozing and drugs and with a shapely woman, and starts his day with a drink and a line of cocaine.

And then he heads to the airport. We see him do his preflight check and step into the cockpit with a young, impressionable, innocent, do-gooder co-pilot. Priceless scene. 

A little later, we find out the woman he was sleeping with is one of the flight attendants for his flight. The movie then cuts to a young pretty heroin addict trying to get her next fix. So what is this all about? Then cut back to the flight of the decade!

We subsequently see our hero in the hospital and the movie now begins to settle into a different pace from the hair-raising experience they just put you through. I could go into more plot situations but I’ll let you experience those for yourself. I don’t want to take the fun out of it!

It is important for me to let you know that this movie shows that the producers and the director (Robert Zemeckis) really cared, plus the actors really stepped-it-up on this one.

The acting couldn’t get any better. Don Cheadle is superb as Denzel’s lawyer; John Goodman has a minor role as Whip’s drug addicted friend and supplier; Bruce Greenwood is union head for the pilots and a long time friend, etc. 

Editing is always important and it is really interesting how they picked and chose scenes to focus on. The timing of the script is good. There aren’t too many long-winded dialogues so you won’t have time to snooze, and it passed the ‘popcorn test,’ meaning I didn’t miss my popcorn and soda, which is my basic protocol for most movies. 

The movie doesn’t cross the line but comes close to being preachy. Some of the scenes about drugs and alcohol are not easy to watch, but it makes the movie what it is. 

I can’t help but think that some of these actors will be nominated for an Academy Award.

You can really enjoy this movie.

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