Kerr: Why Don’t People Go To Church Anymore?

Los Alamos

A Good Question: Why Don’t People Go To Church Anymore?

One answer: I don’t need to go to church and I need that time to get ready for the coming week. I am a very busy person and I need that time to relax and take care of projects around the house.

Another answer: Church people are hypocritical and don’t live up to their standards. I can teach my own children about morals and right and wrong. As I find time.

And another answer: What’s the sense if GOD is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful why does he allow mayhem, sickness, poverty and war? What good is a church?

In White Rock Presbyterian Church we don’t pretend to be perfect and we are constantly questioning ourselves, hopefully learning from the words of Jesus Christ. We believe in resurrection and no one can enter into heaven except through Jesus who took the blame for our transgressions. Without Christ we are committed to carry a full measure of all our wrong doing forever. Forgiveness allows us to be free of guilt.

We have a Sunday church service without extra trappings, a plain service where each sermon is a new window into the Word of God. Our liturgy is traditional and so are our hymns of praise. Our church programs are fun and educational. We welcome all comers. We are a small church with dedicated members that enjoy each other’s company. We would like to have new members join and share in our legacy of church life.

For those who would like to come to church we can provide a ride. Just call. We would be glad to provide transportation especially to seniors, impaired and singles in need.

We believe that going to church at White Rock Presbyterian Church would satisfy your need for an interlude between one work week and the next. We enjoy that time. As to finding time to teach Christian principles and to encourage youth to follow them our small church has engendered several youth who have become pastors and Christian field workers.

We know that we are not perfect but we keep trying and ask for Jesus’ forgiveness when we fail.

Please come and join us at 310 Rover Blvd. in White Rock with services at 9:15 a.m., Sundays.