Kendall: 2013 – A Fuller Lodge Oddity

Update: The green electric box to the right below is new and much larger than the green transformer box that was previously in this location.   You may view the previous electrical setup by clicking HERE.

New electrical boxes have been installed in front of Fuller Lodge on Central Avenue. View facing west from the bronze statues of Oppenheimer and Groves. Photo by Greg Kendall/

New electrical boxes in front of Fuller Lodge on Central Avenue. View facing east. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost

Los Alamos

As part of an electric upgrade project for Fuller Lodge directed by the Facilities Department of the County, new ghastly looking electrical boxes have been placed in front of Fuller Lodge near the bronze statues of Oppeheimer and Groves. 

Take a good look at these new electrical fixtures compared to the green electrical fixture to the left.

Do you see a difference? The one on the left doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb! This is the craziest thing I have seen installed in Los Alamos. 

It looks like something you would find to power the lights of the ballfields down at Overlook Park, but it was installed in front of the pride and joy of Los Alamos, in front of our most honored and historic structure, directly in view of a likely future National Historic Park location. 

Drive by and take a look for yourself and tell me if this is not completely inapproriate for this important nationally historic location, within spitting distance of what has become a key tourist photo location – the bronze statues.

I am told that some type of shrubbery will be placed around the boxes. They better be some pretty huge shrubs to hide these monstrosities.

It reminds me a bit of when, a couple years ago, giant “2001: A Space Odyssey” silver monoliths began cropping up at intersections all over town.  Were they a message from a higher being or a space baby? 

Were they placed there to teach us something new about how to create a better weapon? These structures are still a great mystery to many folks in the area.

If the shrubs do not end up being tall enough to cover the power boxes, maybe the community can hang signs over them to advertise upcoming events at Fuller Lodge! On second thought, touching an electric box is a really really bad idea. 

Having been a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission and seeing the things we don’t allow in front of businesses and buildings in Los Alamos, it is amazing that someone could possibly think this design was a good idea? 

If a non-county entity had brought this to Planning and Zoning it would have been laughed out of the building, at least by this former Commissioner.

Shockingly, the County told me that they had run this project past the Fuller Lodge Historic Advisory Board before work began.

The Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Courtesy/MGM

Silver Monolith on northwest corner of Central Avenue and 15th Street. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Silver Monolith on northwest corner of Trinity Drive and Knecht Street. Photo by Greg Kendall/

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