Judge Sentences Christopher Davis Of White Rock

Christopher W. Davis


Los Alamos Daily Post

First Judicial District Court Judge Mary L. Marlowe Sommer accepted a plea agreement Feb. 17 for Christopher Davis of White Rock on charges of sexual offenses against minors.

Davis, 25, was arrested Jan. 26 by Los Alamos police on an outstanding warrant from the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General involving charges of alleged sexual offenses against children in two states.

The plea agreement lists charges against Davis as follows:

  • Counts 1, 2, 3, and 4: Criminal sexual penetration of a minor child, 13-16;
  • Count 5: Sexual exploitation of children (manufacture);
  • Count 6: Criminal sexual exploitation of a minor child (13-16);
  • Counts 7, 8, and 9: Criminal sexual penetration of a minor child (13-16);
  • Count 10: Criminal sexual communication with a child; and
  • Count 11: Child solicitation by an electronic communication device.

Eleven other charges were dismissed under the agreement negotiated by Assistant Attorney General Anthony W. Long and Defense Attorney Dorie Biagianti Smith and charges in Minnesota also will be resolved by this agreement.

The plea agreement states that “all counts shall be served consecutively for a total of 24 years, that Davis will serve a minimum of one year of incarceration and up to 10 years at initial sentencing followed by a period of supervised probation of between five and 20 years”. He may also be placed on a period of sex offender parole for a minimum of five years and up to 20 years if he, “is ever incarcerated in the New Mexico Department of Corrections”.

Davis also is required to enter and successfully complete a “sex offender-specific program and any treatment program deemed appropriate by his probation officer”. He may not consume alcohol or drugs and must pay restitution as deemed by his probation officer. The agreement states that Davis “shall have no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18” or “seek employment or volunteer work, which causes him to have contact with anyone under 18”. He must also register as a sex offender.

The agreement says Davis “shall not possess Internet access and can have no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18 via computer, cell phone, or other electronic devices” and Internet access is only allowed “for work and school purposes”. Probation authorities may have access to “those electronic devices used for work/school to access the Internet”.

Had Davis gone to trial, the penalty for each count of criminal penetration would have been 18 months and not more than $5,000 in fines, the penalty for each count of exploitation would have been nine years and not more than $10,000 in fine, and the penalty for each count of sexual communication would have been 18 months and not more than $5,000. All charges faced by Davis were fourth degree felonies.