Join a ‘Great Conversation’ at LAPS Foundation Fundraiser: Part Three


Great Conversations is an afternoon of delicious appetizers and desserts and conversations led by 12 interesting and knowledgeable leaders. All of the conversation leaders are locally or regionally known. 

The event raises funds for the projects of the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation and is 2-5 p.m. Sunday, May 4 at Los Alamos High School, 1300 Diamond Dr.

This is the third in a series of four about the planned conversations.

“The LAPS Foundation is pleased these fascinating speakers will join us this year to provide some lively conversations,” LAPSF Director Joanna Gillespie said. “Your conversation leader won’t be giving a speech; rather, they will help direct the conversation on an interesting topic with several table guests. The table leader will answer questions, and facilitate the discussion, whatever direction it may go.”

Guests choose a topic ahead of time. The registration form and additional information about all of the speakers and their conversations can be found at The reservation deadline has been extended to May 1.

Dave Warner. Courtesy photo

DIY Musician: Just Add Talent with Dave Warner

Dave Warner is a drummer, upright bass player and guitarist who wonders, “World Wide Web, where were you when I was a kid?” Join Warner to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of modern recording technology.  He’ll share his interest and experience in networking with other musicians for the common good. Warner’s strongest influence came from Jim Bowie, a banjo master; many impromptu musical gatherings in the hills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains were in some form classroom sessions for the master and student. Warner’s involvement with The Ramon Bermudez Group, Fat Guys with Money, The Nomads, and Julie Stewart and the Motorkings all shaped his musical direction. In addition to currently fronting the group DK and the Affordables, he also plays drums with The Surf Lords.

John Tauxe. Courtesy photo

Hot Topics in Radioactive Waste: Where should it go? How long should we care? With John Tauxe

An environmental engineer and hydrogeologist, John Tauxe specializes in the assessment of long-term future risks posed by the disposal of radioactive waste through the development of multidisciplinary computer models. Radioactive materials provide many benefits to society, but it comes with a cost. Is the cost of having to manage radioactive waste worth the benefits?  What about all that Cold War waste that is still costing staggering amounts of time and treasure? Tauxe’s experience spans many different technologies, policies, environments and waste types, having worked closely with the DOE, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, join him to discuss the “acceptable” dose to future members of the public. Does the concept of acceptability change if the future of public has not choice in the matter or even knowledge of waste’s existence?  How long in the future are we expected to care about this? 

Michael Young. Courtesy photo

Capturing Authentic Personality and Style on Any Camera with Michael Young

Michael Young has been chasing his passion for creating inspirational portraits and films for 14 years through a photography business.  Let him help you by teaching you some tips and tricks for getting good action photography of your children or active lifestyle. This photographic professional captures the fire of personality, style and grace, and he will discuss the Aesthetic Exposure Triangle—how to get the “look” you want in a photograph. Did you know that there are some simple techniques and some apps you can implement to get some above average photos on your smart phone?  The father of three and a family man, Young’s experience is both personal and professional.

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